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Checklist To Launch A Profitable Online Business

Posted on 17th January, by Marzena Kmiecik in Strategy. No Comments

This checklist to launch a profitable online business serves as a component to my detailed guide to launching your online business in 5 steps, though I’ve added a few extra check boxes to this list for good measure.

Develop and organize your ideas.
Determine the purpose of your online product or service.

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How will an online component benefit your business?
What infrastructure is already in place? What will you need to build?
What is the best kind of site or application for your online business?

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What do you need to get your project launched? How much will it cost?
What will you need to budget in for reoccurring upkeep costs?

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Bring your online business to life.
Decide on a look and feel.
Build out necessary functionality.

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Build initial buzz for your online business.
Map out a long term marketing strategy.
Monitor your progress by setting up analytics and evaluating traffic and interaction with your business.

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Start by launching bare bones (prototype) in Beta.
Build out additional features on the fly. Evaluate user behavior. Adjust over time.

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Maintain the upkeep, functionality and marketing of your online business.
Reap the rewards of your hard work.

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