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Video Marketing Statistics

Posted on 9th December, by Marzena Kmiecik in Video. Comments Off on Video Marketing Statistics

Video has been and continues to be the most impactful way to connect with your audience and fastest way to grow your business.

Few minutes of you speaking on camera:  promoting yourself or your products, coaching, testimonials, webinars or other,  cuts the time each customer needs to make a decision by 3-5 times. Humans are visual creatures and we make decisions based on body language.

In addition to the message you’re conveying, viewers
• subliminal cues from your body language
• find it easier to stay focused on what you’re saying
• determine whether you are genuine and if they can trust you
• And absorb your information in a fraction of the time

For best results create a full sensory experience for each of your clients and ensure they can watch, read, hear your message on all platforms including mobile.

Below are video services that I offer to clients:

• 1 on 1 video interviews (San Diego / Los Angeles Only)
If you are out of the SoCal area but still would like to hire me for your video interviews. I am available with all travel expenses paid.
• Video Testimonials (San Diego / Los Angeles Only)
• Quick onsite promo videos (San Diego / Los Angeles Only)
• Event capture (San Diego / Los Angeles Only)
• Video editing & rendering services
• Script development based on business goals
• Video coaching (for do-it-yourself)
Need advice how best to capture video, add custom content & export in the right formats for video, youtube etc… Request a consulting session and I can share my best tips and advice.

Video Starter Package: $1,500
Best for video / site intros, testimonials, quick product or service intros, announcements, promos. 

$250 Video Strategy Session
$500 for up to 5 minute movie capture
$500 for custom script
$250 for 1 minute of video editing/rendering services

What do you receive:

• Custom Script
• Optimized video Files
• Video uploaded to Vimeo or Youtube
•  Video optimization
• Background noise edit
• Background music add-on. (stock music costs: $50/track)
• Transitions add-on
• Web Format
• 1 round of edits

I work with Adobe Aftereffects, Adobe Premiere, Adobe Audition, Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator



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