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Goals + Focus = Productivity = Success

Posted on 20th December, by Marzena Kmiecik in Productivity, Strategy. Comments Off on Goals + Focus = Productivity = Success


Want to feel and be productive ? Focus only on what matters? Get through your task lists in a zip? Keep it simple. Below is a list, a reminder for what is important when we want to stay productive, focused, efficient, effective and successfully run our business.

1. Less is more.
Focus on fewer things. Your goals should be clear & actionable. Ask yourself if the task you’re focused on will get you closer to achieving your goal. Too many times we get trapped in doing small things that don’t make a big enough difference.

2. Make your goals SMART.

Make sure your goals are: Specific, Measurable, Actionable, Realistic, Timely


Vague: ” be consistent with writing and posting blogs on a website”
Specific: “Write 2 extra blog posts per week”


Set a specific number you want to achieve:
Vague: “I want to earn more money next year vs this year”
Measurable: ” I want to make $10,000 more next year than this year”

Start your goals with an action verb vs. to-be verb:
Vague: ” I will have a landing page for my product”
Actionable: ” Develop a landing page for my product by set date”

Be honest with what you want, what is possible and propel beyond your comfort zone to achieve beyond what you’ve imagined yet to avoid simply being a dreamer.
Vague: ” Win top INC. Magazine’s fastest growing companies list ”
Realistic: ” Double current profit margin from X to XX”

Set a deadline. People have a tendency to use up as much time as they have. Set a manageable deadline to keep yourself on track with a healthy momentum.
Value: ” Hire new marketing strategist”
Realistic: ” Hire a marketing strategist by January 30th”

3. Get your goals on paper. Write them down. This sets your intention and puts things in motion. This seems very simple yet many of us don’t write our goals down. Review your goals often. Unless you are working with a mentor or an adviser who will help you achieve your goals, be careful who you share your goals with to not be discouraged and deflate your enthusiasm to achieve those goals. Also with goals comes a healthy sense of purpose to propel you in the right direction.

Need help with outlining your priorities, writing down your goals and being accountable for executing them successfully? Let’s work together to stay productive. I will help you stay focused, accountable and effective so you can reach your goals or better yet, surpass them.

Business Goals + Sharp Focus = Productivity = Success


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Goals + Focus = Productivity = Success

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