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Personal Branding

Posted on 31st March, by Marzena Kmiecik in Branding, Strategy. Comments Off on Personal Branding

Personal Branding

Personal branding and online reputation are crucial for building relations, authority, and growing your business. Most internet users will Google your name before connecting, hiring, going on a date with you or responding to your email. Make sure what they find is true, positive & you’re in control of it, not someone else.

Because Google is in business of personalizing search results based on user’s location and what it knows about your browsing behavior, before you continue keep in mind that your search results may vary based on whether you’re logged in or out of Google before you start.

Follow below steps first while logged into Google and then while logged out of Google to compare.

1. Google your name (do not search for your “” website as obviously you will come up on top). If you don’t own a domain that is your name like, stop right now, go to (use this referral code to get 35% off your order, I get instore credit as well: WOWPixel13)  and see availability. If available, don’t hesitate – BUY IT NOW, even if you don’t do anything with it…trust me, someone else will soon enough. You want to make sure you’re the only one in control of your online reputation. If the domain is taken, there are ways to still dominate first few pages of results by creating content and managing keywords specific to your personal brand. 


What do you get? Is it you or someone else with the same name?

2. Now in the search results switch to images (follow through to videos, news, maps to check other content). What do you get? Do you like what you see? Is it you? is it relevant to you?


3. Do this with other search engines like Bing & Yahoo to compare. Also if there are specific keywords that you would like your name and brand to be associated with, search those and see what content comes up on the first 1-2 pages.

4. How recent is your content. Google in its latest Hummingbird algorithm implemented changes to search the most recent content first AND to follow your social network activity for legitimacy. If you see outdated content or can’t find yourself on first 1-2 pages, it’s time to fix that by creating fresh content, sharing it on your sites, across networks and engage in conversations.

5. What if you’re nowhere to be found? Because of #4, if you want to matter to Google you must matter to its users. Google relies on your online activity and content in various formats. Search engines want fresh, high quality content, lots of it, and they determine if you’re worthy of their attention based on the stats they get from your user’s browsing behavior such as ‘how long do visitors stay on your site’.

6. Does social media matter for my reputation? Should I have multiple profiles and be active on social media? Scroll up to my first image screengrab or yours and notice what comes up first in organic search results, do you see all the social media network being listed at the top? There are many reasons for it, one is the fact that This is one reason why if you want to matter to others thus matter to Google, you have to engage and grow relationships online.

Should you care if you matter to Google or other engines ? Does it matter if people find you or your business online? If you care now or will in the future to build your credibility, respect or leadership…you must be on the web today not tomorrow. See few latest statistics for Google and these are only growing in numbers and growing extremely fast across all platforms (desktops, mobile etc.)

• There are 12,774 Google Searches per month. Last update 10/13/13
•  Google share of U.S. search market: 66.9%.  Last update 10/16/13
• Percentage of Internet users that Google themselves: 56% Last. updated 9/30/13
• Amount that global web traffic dipped when Google suffered a 5 minute outage: 40%
• Number of Monthly Unique Visitors to Google Sites: 191.5 million. Last updated 10/21/13
• Number of monthly unique Google searchers: 1.17 billion. Last updated 2/11/13

Manage your online reputation by developing your personal brand as much as you develop your business brand. Share your personal and professional story;  link to all of your online social networks; create a central location from which everyone can find you and your business anywhere online; be easily found.

So you got the domain, you’re ready to create your branding website….what’s next? 

I have created an easy sitemap to show you the best personal branding site structure which is connected to your offer (product, service etc). On the right are standard pages you should consider for your personal site. Stop here if you have nothing to offer. If you do, you can link to your product or service (or both) offer pages with content specific to those. You can also use this structure if you only want to launch an offer site or landing page, contact me to show you how to simplify for whatever you need to accomplish. Note that the visitor/customer’s questions under each section/area/page of the site is your core focus to address for each area. This graphic shows limited user experience, flow and structure, it is only to get you started and thinking on the content you should share to start building your online reputation and develop your branding.


Contact me if you need:
• To Create ideas on how to share your story or to help you develop content to share your story across your site and social networks.
• Assistance in creating new or revamping your current user experience in order to clearly convey your story.
• Testimonials, reviews and how to get those from others.
• To design a personal brand website from scratch that is easy to use and update.
• To design offer / ecommerce website for your products or services
• To design landing pages
• To create a digital engagement strategy for you to share content, generate leads, engage with your audience, grow.
• To show up on Google through organic and/or paid searches
• To manage your online reputation or address negative reputation
• To exist, attract, engage, nurture and grow online

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