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Marzena Kmiecik – Digital Engagement Strategy | Web Design | Marketing

For the past 18 years, Marzena Kmiecik has been assisting startups, small business owners, agencies and corporations, in various industries including healthcare, real estate, publishing, retail, consumer packaged goods, finance and business services, build their brands, share their story, implement online strategies and best leverage digital technologies to engage communities that support their marketing initiatives.

She has held various positions such as Web Designer, User Experience Director, Art Director, Creative Director, Strategist, Sr. Marketing Director , Social Media Director, Digital Engagement Strategist, New Business Developer and Founder but ultimately her expertise lies in designing intuitive user experiences to bring brands, customers and communities together through a common goal or to inspire action that increases ROI and benefits society.

Working on something new and awesome or selling a product or service? Need to launch a product or a professional campaign, web presence that stands the test of time, branding that works intuitively and grabs attention? Or perhaps you need social media marketing, SEO, SEM, SMM, other marketing strategies. Connect with her! She will guide you in the right direction, advise on best strategies to implement, recommend the best digital solutions and get you up and running in no time.

Sample of clients she has worked for in the past:

In addition to running Pixelfanatix Studio Marzena Kmiecik has been involved in numerous non profit causes in her community such as Disruptive Thinkers Group, she has also co-founded SANDIOS (San Diego Online Society). Her latest philanthropic focus has been on her mind since she was a teenager, finally putting action behind her dreams and investing her time with view friends in helping children who are neglected, homeless, abused and orphaned through OrphaWorld crowd-sourcing alliance. Recently she has also launched a new, innovative company called which is focused on wholesale distribution of water filtration systems around the world and raising donations to buy and install reverse osmosis systems for OrphaWorld’s network of orphanages.

On daily bases Marzena is an idea generating machine. She can help you come up with product or service ideas, strategies on how to implement them or evaluate your entire career or skills and help you develop the best way to package those skills and share them with others. Businesses hire her for her relentless drive and passion for connecting people to each other through digital technology. She’s a people person, an extravert and daredevil. Hire her to help you figure out your next steps so you too can turn your passion into business, transform your life completely or grow your business into a company with purpose.

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